• Revisiting my carving roots

    Revisiting my carving roots:  starting with nothing and making something
  • The Magnificent Arctic Tern

    The Magnificent Arctic Tern
  • Hearts and Flowers

    hearts and flowers for your valentine
  • Tickling the, ebonies?

    I like the idea of repurposing wood from objects that had a life as something else.  This resonates with me most when the object was used in a particularly unglamorous way, for instance a bowl or a spoon, before it started it's new life as jewelry. With something a bit more unique and specialized, like a musical instrument, it’s nice to give the wood a life after it has been considered no longer worthy of the original task.

  • Shiva Lingam Stone Pendant Necklace

    It is always a good day in the workshop when I decide to carve a shiva lingam stone pendant.  
  • My first blog post concerning carving - Todd Woffinden


    Welcome to my blog and my first installment on the last day of the year 2020.