My first blog post concerning carving - Todd Woffinden


Welcome to my blog and my first installment on the last day of the year 2020.  

This little carving, about the size of a table grape, started it's life as a boxwood hedge in a yard in Vancouver, British Columbia, just off of Cambie Street.  Who knows, but as a hedge, I'm sure is saw a lot of birds.  Maybe it even saw some barn swallows, which is the shape it takes now.  I try to make my wife Andrea a little something every Christmas.  Earlier this year, she mentioned to me that Hexagon Jewelry was all the rage (how does she know these things?) soooooo...  We have done our share of birdwatching (mostly BC, Before Children) and always loved watching the swallows swooping around in the early evening sky catching bugs.  I carved her a barn swallow chick because who doesn't like babies of any kind?  Also a baby bird beak is larger in proportion to its head and I think this gives it a really friendly look.  After carving the face, I dished out the back and engraved a swallow swooping up and out on the inside of it.  The cinch bead is unmini wood with an in-flight swallow etched into it.  

It was a hit with my wife.  I hope you like it too.

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