jewelry and small sculptural objects

hand-carved from fossil mammoth tusk, bone, exotic hardwoods

accented with sterling silver, gemstones

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Thank you for your interest in my work.

Just a little bit about me... I have been working in the arts in one form or another since I graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Fine Arts in 1986. I began carving as a child with a pocket knife in the boy scouts. If you would have asked me then what I thought I might be doing in 40 years, I don’t think that ‘carver’ would have crossed my mind. Then again, I would never have guessed that I would see the world touring as a classical ballet dancer either. But, as it turned out, after entering University as a communications major, fate had other plans for me. After retiring from a fulfilling dance career here in Vancouver, I thought that I’d try my hand at acting. I needed a way to make ends meet while I was training and learning the ropes of the industry so I began carving more full time. People had always liked my carvings and I enjoyed making them so it seemed a good fit with the on and off acting world. Since having my children, I have let the performing go and have focused on my carving.

I haven’t had any formal carving training so I guess you could say that I am self-taught. I have always been drawn to the Japanese Netsuke carvings as well as the Maori carvers so you will see their influences in my own creations. The Japanese style of braiding called Kumihimo has some wonderfully dynamic lashings that I have incorporated into my work to evolve my carvings into wearable pieces.

The act of making things has always been enjoyable for me and I feel lucky the be able to make a living and to have my pieces literally travel the world. The process of how things are made has always fascinated me. Whether it was a simple stone adze blade found on a farmer’s field or a great performance or a soaring suspension bridge. As much as I like hearing, reading and learning about process, I still have yet to explain my own with any clarity or elegance better than this. After I finish each piece, I am always amazed that I actually made it.

I have a workshop in my basement and I make everything myself. During regular times you can find me and my work at the Granville Island Market in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Tortoise (boxwood) and a hatching Sea Turtle (bone with buffalo horn eyes)

Infinity Symbol Pendant, hand-carved from tagua nut and dyed in walnut husk stain, iron sulphate and tea

Selection of whale tail pendants, hand-carved from ebony, fossil mammoth tusk and bone (cow)