Shiva Lingam Stone Pendant Necklace

It is always a good day in the workshop when I decide to carve a shiva lingam stone pendant.  I first saw the stones in my local rock shop in Burnaby, BC (Mountain Gems Ltd.) and still purchase most of the stones that I use from them.

These stones come from the Narmada River in India and are shaped and polished by the villagers from that area. The stones take their name from Lord Shiva, the Hindu Deity.  It's worth reading about the spiritual side of the stone, if you are interested.  They are just a beautiful, small object and so lovely to hold in your hand and rotate with your fingers.  When I carve an object to encase the stone, I want to show off it's innate beauty of the stone as well as give the pendant wearer the ability to spin the stone within the encasement.  This way, you can enjoy the sensation of the smooth stone as well as view all of the markings. 

This particular carving is made from what I call "dolphin wood".  This interesting and appealing chunk of wood came into my possession inthe form of a broken dolphin sculpture that I found discarded in some bushes while on a hike with my then young daughter.  I carve quite small objects so I still have a pretty sizable chunk left, and I will be sad when it has all been used.  I'm guessing that it could be some sort of tropical hardwood and, from the style of the original dolphin carving, most likely from the Caribbean.  The wood, like the little stone itself, has some exquisite markings.  On the rounded shoulder of one side of the wood I created a oval-shaped "spot" to resemble the oval-shaped "spot" on the stone itself.  I beveled the "U" shape opening in towards the stone to help draw the eye. I used the wood the I cut out of the centre of the "U" to make the cinch bead.  I carved a dish-shape into it, added some acrylic colour and filled it with resin.  I find the colour adds a little accent and the shape of the bead relates to the knob at the bottom of the encasement carving. 

I have made quite a few of these pendant necklaces over the years and I never get tired of making them.  I enjoy the challenge of coming up with something a bit different each time.

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